Helping to Establish Computer Training Facilities


Since February of 2019, already adopted seven (7)  schools in the Philippines, 

1. Gumaca West Central School - (GWES)

2. Gumaca East Central School - (GECS)

3. Gumaca National High School - (GNHS)

4. New Era High School - (NEHS)

5. Alabang Elementary School - (AES)

6. Roosevelt Elementary School - (RES)

7. Cavite National High School (CNHS)

From the remote provinces of Gumaca, Quezon, to Cavite City, Cavite, we  provided these school help and assistance for the special children. We are very proud to deliver to them the donations from our kindhearted donors different items such as of our beneficiaries, Wheelchairs, School Bags, School Uniforms, School Supplies, Sports Supplies, Head Caps, and Umbrellas, water bottles.

For the regular students, we encourage them to develop their talent in music and arts and to prevent them from getting involve with other unpleasant  environment, we deliver to the  Xylophone Lyres,  

 The foundation would like to establish Computer Training Facilities so that we can help students from the Gumaca National High School to have access to computer education and enhance their skills in the field of technology. This will allow them to develop their abilities to work in a technical field.

Helping to Provide Education and Training


Our mission is to help students, as well as out-of-school youth, including those less fortunate individuals who are not able to attain proper education. This will allow them to get access to computer education and training to enable them to land in jobs requiring highly technical skills.

Helping to Provide Green Technology Sources


We are helping our adopted schools to find donors to support the establishment and utilization of Solar Panel to save energy and to promote Green Technology to the country like Philippines.

About Us

Our Team


Our amazing team of regulars and part-time volunteers are committed to helping others. We take our convictions and turn them into action. Think you would be a good fit? See our form below for more information!

Our History


20 years ago, we formed a group of professionals inclined in technology to organize and establish facilities to provide free education to students and  less fortunate individuals. After months of training, they were able to find jobs and landed in prestigious employments. This led us to pursue our mission of continuing this help and expand through the support of our major donors from the United States of America. Thanks to the helping hands of this amazing community!

Our Mission


To extend the helping hands of the Almighty God by sharing all His blessings through the generosity of kindhearted donors by providing help and support to the less fortunate individuals around the world through education, healthcare, and livelihood.